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Krieger Armadillo Personnel Carrier is the new incarnation of the now-defunct collective of Colorado-area rock-climbing enthusiasts Armadillo Tank, who also happened to play a style of 80s hard rock in the vein of White Lion and Van Halen. After the tragic ziplining death of singer Clyde "Carabiner" Carlson, and the freak cactus calamity that took the life of 2nd guitarist Van Der Slice at a Scorpion’s concert, the remaining three members were forced to regroup and reconnoiter.

At this hour, Krieger APC is the hottest thing to come out of the mysterious locale of Street, MD — though this, of course, is subject to change at any moment. The classic rock/video game outfit operates at fashion shows and abandoned art galleries in some of Maryland's most up-and-coming... though still kinda dangerous... neighborhoods.

The ghosts of John Bohnam, Jason Bohnam, Tracy Bohnam, and Jaco "Pastorius" Bohnam are said to haunt the band's shows...


  • John (Geotarkus) - guitar
  • Darmock - bass
  • Ryan (Cetera) - drums