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The name 'The NESkimos' is a portmanteau combining the initials of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with the word Eskimos. This is a nod both to the practice of third-wave ska bands in the early 1990s fabricating band names that somehow involve the word "ska" and to the DOS-based Nintendo emulator NESticle, which the band's founder Dr. Wily credits as giving him the idea to cover NES music.

As of February 2006, bassist Simon Belmont has left the band. Keeping with the Castlevania/bassist theme, the NESkimos have decided on the name for their new bass player: Trevor Belmont. He is also referred to as the "Dog from Duck Hunt".

As of 17 January 2007, drummer Mario and bass player Dog from Duck Hunt had left the band in unrelated circumstances. A new bass player has signed on, and Dr Wily has announced that it is likely that future drums will be programmed[citation needed]. The synthetic drums have been jokingly referred to as "Drums Man", a reference to the Megaman villain Dr. Wily's naming conventions for all of his creations. This leaves Dr Wily as the only founding member of the band currently performing. However, the NESkimos seem recently to be inactive, as none of these releases have come to fruition and their site has not been updated since 2006.

Due to legal reasons, the NESkimos have not released any form of CD, but instead release all their songs in MP3 format on the internet, and provide album artwork.

The NESkimos were planning on releasing a new album, Explod (originally titled Brutality), in 2007, as well as a purchasable "best-of" CD, The Strongening. They also planned to release an album in CD form, featuring the material recorded from their Penny-Arcade Expo 2007 show.


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